2 men and 2 women seated in colorful garb; Bubbles over heads 3 ayes; 1 no; voting; parliamentary procedure

How to Take a Vote in 5 Easy Steps

Chairing a meeting is harder than it looks. And at times parliamentary procedure doesn’t make that job any easier. Keeping track of what motion is on the floor and who to recognize...

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4 Ways to Take a Vote

It’s a legit question: Should you ask everyone to “say ‘aye’”? Or use paper ballots? Or just have people to raise their hands? Within parliamentary procedure, what are your options...

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Female sitting in front of laptop with notepad/pencil; parliamentary concept of taking a vote online

How to Take a Vote Online

In today’s world, there’s one main reason for using online voting: convenience. (Who wouldn’t want to vote from their living room instead of traipsing across town or across the country?) Plus,...

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