An Online Course to Help You Understand Business Meeting Rules

Learn how to have efficient, productive, and fair business meetings that make a difference.

Are You Frustrated, Confused, or Overwhelmed During Business Meetings?

  • Robert’s Rules of Order feels like a foreign language (who’s Robert?!)
  • Parliamentary procedure seems overly complex
  • You’re tired of conversations where one person dominates
  • You’re a board chair and you’re not sure what to say when
  • You’re a board member and you want to know how to make a motion
  • You’ve had enough of the member who keeps saying, “Point of Order!”
  • The chair of your group is controlling and abusive
  • You’re tasked with taking minutes and you’re not sure what to include

This course gives you accessible answers to all these situations and more. Every video is packed with step-by-step help so that you can understand the rules of meetings, speak up with confidence, and effectively influence your group’s decisions.

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Sarah E. Merkle, CEO

Certified Professional Parliamentarian-Teacher
Professional Registered Parliamentarian

Few people understand and know how to teach business meeting rules like Sarah Merkle. As one of five lawyers in the world with her credentials, she’s attended more business meetings than she can count, and she’s helped thousands of people learn the rules.

Sarah is engaging, and she knows how to make the rules easy-to-understand. She’s worked with all types of individuals and organizations—from industry leading national groups to municipal boards and local non-profits. Sarah helps people learn rules that give them confidence to participate in meetings and influence
decisions. Now she’s ready to help you.


Thank you so much for the well done, informative, and delightful presentation you gave to us. Uniformly among all attendees, your presentation was well received.

Thank you so much for the well done, informative, and delightful presentation you gave to us. Uniformly among all attendees, your presentation was well received.

Thank you so much for the well done, informative, and delightful presentation you gave to us. Uniformly among all attendees, your presentation was well received.

What Do I Get with This Course?

8 Topical Modules

Watch and learn.

Course videos can be watched in any order—whenever it works for your schedule. Each of the 8 modules covers foundational aspects of business meetings. The segments walk through major sections of Robert’s Rules and tell you exactly how to run meetings well.

41 On-Demand Lessons

Keeping it short.

With an average lesson length of just 7 minutes, these bite-sized videos give you precise answers to the most common problems faced during a meeting. Watch lessons according to what is helpful. The segments are not sequential, so as you encounter situations with your board, watch the parts that are immediately relevant.

Downloadable Infographics

For the visual learner.

The beautiful “extras” that come with this course are worth every penny. User-friendly, ready-reference infographics supplement the course so that the abstract concepts of parliamentary procedure make sense. Print them out to bring to your next meeting.

Real-World Illustrations

Here’s an example.

Many lessons include real-life scenarios—descriptions of typical business meeting problems and best-practice solutions. Hard-to-understand concepts are explained, then brought to life with practical, step-by-step tips for applying the rules in your context.

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Explore the places where business meeting rules are found and when certain rules apply. Learn the why the rules are still relevant and the foundational principles behind them.

Explore the ins and outs of calling a meeting, making and changing an agenda, and ensuring enough people are present to make decisions.

Learn how a group takes official action through motions. Practice making different types of motions.

Develop your knowledge of motions further by learning how to make amendments, close debate, and postpone consideration of a topic. Learn how to make a point of order!

Become skilled at participating in discussion effectively, and if you’re the chair, facilitating it fairly. Learn how to keep discussion confidential.

Master the methods for taking and counting votes. Understand how to deal with abstentions! Learn how to tabulate a ballot vote.

Explore the different types of committees and how they are formed. Learn how to lead a committee meeting and draft an effective committee report.

Never question the content of minutes again! Know what to include and what to leave out. Understand how and when to approve minutes.