We focus on the rules
so you can focus on your mission.

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Civility empowers leaders and members of organizations—
giving you a confident understanding of governance and parliamentary procedure so that business meetings can be both efficient and compliant.

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Sarah Merkle

At Civility, we want every member in every organization to have the knowledge and tools they need to make sound decisions in an efficient manner.

—Sarah E. Merkle, attorney and professional parliamentarian

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Civility assists groups of all types and sizes with the following services:

  • Interpretation of your organization’s bylaws and other rules
  • Advice on how your meetings can be more efficient and compliant
  • Help in writing and customizing rules to meet organizational needs
  • Professional parliamentarians for in-person, phone, or virtual meetings
  • Written opinions on controversial questions
  • Training in parliamentary procedure for leaders and members (virtual or in-person)
  • Training in presiding for officers and leaders (virtual or in-person)
  • Facilitation or professional presiding for in-person, phone, or virtual meetings
  • Drafting and revising governing documents, including bylaws and standing or special rules
  • Expert witness reports and testimony for litigation

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