Printable Infographics

Streamline your group’s business meetings and voting processes with these handy, user-friendly quick guides.

  • Practical, topical, at-a-glance guides
  • Based on parliamentary procedure
  • Downloadable on any device
  • Printable (8.5” x 11” or 8.5” x 5.5”)

Laws, Bylaws, and Parliamentary Procedure

Shows the hierarchy of rules which apply in organizational governance. Includes basic definitions.

lifecycle of a motion

Lifecycle of a Motion

Shows the process of making a motion step-by-step—from initial recognition to taking a vote. Includes “what to say” language for both member and chairperson.

motions quick guide

Motions Quick Guide

Lists ranking and incidental motions. Identifies whether each motion can be interrupted, debated, or amended. Also includes vote needed for each type of motion.

common voting terms

Common Voting Terms

Definitions of 13 terms commonly used in voting contexts. Includes methods of voting and types of majorities.

tallying votes

Tallying Votes

Includes voting terms, definitions, and visual examples of the number of “yes” votes needed for a motion to pass.

meeting room setup

Meeting Room Setup

Labeled diagram of a large meeting room or convention floor. Includes locations of speakers, attendees, microphones, and more.

open forum tools

Open Forum Tools

Explanation of an Open Forum. Includes adaptable, printable guidelines for Open Forum use and a printable signup sheet.


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