Large hand holding analog clock black background. Concept-time passing; parliamentary procedure debate efficiency

How To Make Discussion More Efficient

Here’s your parliamentary procedure principle of the day: The amount of time a group spends discussing each item of business at a meeting is often the determining factor for how...

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Multicolored/sectioned Inverted triangle; hierarchy of laws relating civil to parliamentary law

Where Do Meeting Rules Come From?

There’s something very human about wanting to know the source of a rule. And if you’re doing your best to run your group’s business meetings “by the book,” it helps...

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Businessman bending one of many imaginative arrows upward; breaking rules concept; parliamentary procedure

How To Break the Rules

Let’s be honest. Sometimes parliamentary procedure rules just don’t suit the needs of a specific moment. Maybe they’re too cumbersome. Or perhaps they’re actually hindering business instead of furthering it....

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Silhouettes of Business People; various bubbles overhead; concept fiduciary discussion; parliamentary procedure

Quick Guide: Fiduciary Duties

If you’re a member of a board of directors, have you ever wondered what you are supposed to be doing? Maybe you agreed to join the board because you felt...

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