Overhead View Of Businesspeople Seated In Circle; concept parliamentary procedure unanimous consent

Quick Guide: Unanimous Consent

In a hot second I can tell you exactly what makes many business meetings long: It’s unnecessary discussion. On non-controversial matters. Where everyone agrees already. Good news—there’s a simple answer...

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Meeting; Speaker instructing audience; concept – parliamentary procedure – friendloy amendments

Quick Guide: Friendly Amendments

If you’ve ever attended a meeting and heard (or said) the words, “I’d like to make a friendly amendment,” you’ve probably also had the privilege of observing the very special...

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List of parliamentary procedure motions showing order in which they can be made

How to Amend a Main Motion

Raise your hand if you’ve ever agreed to sit on a board or committee and then later wondered what type of brain lapse occurred to make you think that was...

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Conceptual image person casting a ballot into a box; parliamentary procedure how to make a ballot

How To Make a Ballot

If you have any experience with elections or ballot voting, you know that balloting works best if it’s well-organized. Robert’s Rules and parliamentary procedure agree. Drafting a clear ballot is...

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