Men and women group sitting at big round table discussing FAQ about parliamentary procedure

New Civility Resources Page

User-friendly infographics are now available on a new Resources page at Civility—making it even easier for you to lead your group well. 

The mission of Civility is to help make it possible for every member in every organization to acquire tools to make sound, efficient decisions.

To help groups navigate the complexity of parliamentary procedure, Civility now offers downloadable, printable infographics. Each is designed as a visual tool that can help groups streamline business meetings and manage voting processes.

User-Friendly Quick Guides

  • Definitions of common voting terms
  • The 6-step motion process
  • How to tally votes
  • A hierarchy of rules
  • Proper setup of a meeting room
  • How to use an open forum

Explore these newly designed Civility resources to inform your process and make your next business meeting more efficient. Simply enter your name and email, and these free PDFs are yours.

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