Get answers and advice to your parliamentary procedure questions.

Sarah knows that individuals and organizations have different goals in mind when they seek out a parliamentarian. Some need a quick answer to a nagging question. Many organizations are looking for interpretation of governing documents or strategies for moving forward when there is disagreement and mission distraction. Other groups are ready to hire a parliamentarian for the long-term, securing continued availability and regular help.



Tier 1 | 20-Minute Consultation—FREE

Schedule a short call with Sarah.

Get one-time governance and parliamentary procedure guidance on a specific, simple question—clarifying a confusing rule, figuring out a next step, or resolving a business meeting mishap.

  • Does not include any review of governing documents
  • Does not include written guidance from Civility

Tier 2 | Targeted Project—Hourly Fee

Get in-depth help and written guidance.

Engage Sarah on a short-term basis for focused assignments. Targeted projects include analyzing bylaws and rules, providing written opinions, or mapping out a strategy for winning a key vote or resolving organizational disfunction.

  • Includes governing document review and analysis, as needed
  • Includes written guidance, as needed



Tier 3 | Extended Engagement—Hourly Fee

Utilize Civility on an ongoing basis. 

If you or your group anticipate a continuing need for parliamentarian services or governance advice, contact Sarah to discuss options for engaging her on this basis.